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        1.  Prepare Fiscal period journal entries

  • Gift card activity
  • 3rdparty delivery cash receipt
  • Bakery – Internal Sales
  • Intra-material transfers between stores
  • Interest payment and/or principal paydown payments, Interest Accrual & Amortization of Financing Expense
  • Credit Card Chargebacks
  • Credit Card and Gift Card Fees
  • Bank Fees

 2.  Prepare period account reconciliations

  • Gift card liability
  • Credit card receivable account
  • Credit Card Fees

3.  Access to the following software 

  • Great plains
  • Blackline for JE (journal entries) and account reconciliations
  • Vantiv – credit card and gift card processor
  • Web order database
  • TASK – (Fusion and Exchange Live)
  • CrunchTime
  • Tender Report

4.  Daily, period, monthly and quarterly reporting for various schedules  

  • Daily report on web gift card sales for each brand
  • Credit card volume reporting
  • Bank fee reporting
  • Debt and interest expense schedules
  • A/R Reporting (Store, Franchise, CCS, and Corporate)
  • Daily credit card variance report (TASK vs. Vantiv)
  • Daily POS Variance Report (TASK vs. Tender Report vs. Crunchtime)

5.  Research & document current process

6.  Analysis of accounts/data analysis

  • This job may require a lot of “detective like ingenuity” to find and figure out on their own.

7.  Prepare Quarterly CCS P&L Recon 
8.  3rd Party Delivery research and evaluation

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