Accounts Department

Accounts department is the basis of Stemmons’ business. The department has reached to seventy-five plus employees and is still growing. The Stemmons’ accounting team initially started supporting client’s accounting team with the accounts payable aspect which included maintaining invoices. Over a span of five years, the team has grown tremendously by supporting various other aspects of accounting such as accounts receivables, month end closing, management reports, and others.


The treasury department efficiently works with accounts department. Accuracy and team co-ordination amongst the eleven members is the secret of success for the treasury department. The team holds adequate skills to handle frequent changes in disbursement structure. Treasury department includes several sub teams such as tax administrator, procurement analyst, and loan administrator. Treasury department has an emphasis on timely disbursements. Property and business personal taxes, reconciliation of expenses incurred via procurement cards, and interest calculation and distribution are some of the complex tasks executed by the experienced professionals.

Opportunity and Future Growth

Stemmons’ hotel and resort accounting team provides accounting support to hotel & resorts clients.

The accounting team is expanding. In order to support this growth, we require skilled professionals on the team who can play a vital role in the departmental growth.

Architecture Department

The architecture department has a team of young committed designers who believe in creating perfect ambience through innovative design. The team meticulously works towards accomplishing their goals with attention to detail.

The team co-ordinates space planning, construction documents, execution drawing details, and estimations. This serves as guidelines for agencies’ projects ranging from office and commercial spaces to hotels and resorts, which eventually, gets executed in international markets. We have a tech savvy architecture department utilizing different software like MS Visio, Stack -Take off and Estimating, AutoCAD, Photoshop, 3D rendering, and etc. for accomplishing tasks.

The team is driven by a permanent need to experiment. The work-spectrum and symbiosis between units within the company and outside is an experience of a lifetime. Research methodology and execution of the tasks by the architecture department makes it stand apart.

Human Resources Department

Human resource department provides visions to work with the best resources in the best place with an ideal culture. Stemmons HR has two major divisions. The first division gives complete support to operations in India. This includes recruitment, inductions, learning and development, employee engagement activities, leave management, and administration. Secondly, Stemmons’ HR provides support with recruitment, employee database maintenance in the department application, and learning management system to our clients.

Information Technology & Network Department

This department utilizes resources like latest server and network based technologies for company’s growth and betterment in executing different processes. We have a team of 9 experienced and skilled engineers who make this possible for the company. The department is deeply attached in planning, execution and maintenance of servers, network, desktops, and laptops with the latest upgrade. The bond of the IT department makes the company foundation stronger. The goal of the IT department is to maintain the infrastructure to route a company in better shape.


Operations assist United States clients by providing various services including legal, leasing, security surveillance, and call assistance. The team of 90+ professional associates are involved in planning, coordinating, organizing, and controlling all the resources needed to accomplish the services. Stemmons culture contributes a stress free working environment and sharing of innovative thoughts within the organization.

Software Development

STEMMONS ENTERPRISE SOLUTION – A Confined Web based Software Solution!!

Software development is not only a sequential attempt but also creating client-oriented software. This takes a mixture of technical excellence and clear communication to ensure that the client receives the best. A perfect blending of codes series through proper quality assurance endures a good software solution. Hence, justifying with a web software development requirement by a newbie or an inexperienced company is just not possible. However, you have to find someone who has proven record as a web software development company in India like Stemmons Business Services Pvt. Ltd.

Why Choose Us?

We know that every client is unique and we strive to deliver an individual, innovative, and affordable proposal every time. We also strive to follow through with an outstanding delivery that is both on time and within budget. With the global software outsourcing model which is the most required aspect of software requirement irrespective of any complexity, we try to incorporate efficient software solutions to give a business edge over other competitors.

Our Work Style!!

We have the most diligent, conscientious, and energetic blending of industrious software developers that excavate the value of quality software. To ensure the right track of milestone achievement, every individual makes sure that our development life cycle process is inherited within.

Analysis: Stemmons evaluates every requirement of the client. Apart from focusing on the needs and expectations of our customers, we make sure the audience at the other end accepts the work style of the developed software to help fulfill their needs. We maintain a flawless communication with our clients at a basic level which gives us an opportunity to understand the clients. This also allows us to get a blue print of the development so we can get started.

Strategy Planning: Without proper direction it’s very difficult to even take a baby step in the software development life cycle. Therefore with expert advises, we plan out the strategy to be applied to develop a particular software suiting the expectation level of our clients.

Research & Development: With the sign-off from our clients, we start with a team of in-house developers and quality assurance team that mutually contributes in system development. The expertise and years of professional experience are blended into the work style by every individual to gain a new innovative step with each level of progress.

Testing & Delivery: We ensure a bug free software which passes through all phases of verification along with a user acceptance test. We launch the required software to the clients.

What you will get here!!

  • Web Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Product Development
  • Business Intelligence Tools
  • Cloud Software Solutions
  • Software QA & Testing
  • Strategy Planning & Project Management

Stemmons Business Services

Stemmons Has Diversified Business Growth. Company Has Set Up Distinguished Export Services Like IT Enabling, Designing, Web Development, Web Control, Architect Design, Accounting, Treasury, Us Tax, Technology Infrastructure And Support, Legal Support Services And US Recruitment.