In collaboration with the Accounting Department, our team of treasury experts focuses on the management of disbursements, procurement analysis, prioritization of funds, and the execution of responsibilities such as Tax Administration and significant banking-related activities.

We excel in adapting to new processes and have a keen ability to deliver results with precision and timeliness.

Guaranteed Results:

The Treasury Department will manage prompt and real-time disbursements through various payment methods in addition to working with the accounting department on developing solutions that are critical to your financial success.

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Key Elements of Treasury Services

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Risk Mitigation Expertise

Our experienced team will identify and assess risks, ensuring your organization is making informed decisions on fund allocation..

Cash Flow Optimization

With our insights into your current cash position, your organization will have the foresight and flexibility to elevate its financial efficiency and enhance cash flow.

Swift & Secure Instant Payments

Our services help improve liquidity management, creating greater access to funds and expanding your financial success.

What clients say
My experience has been great. Everyone on the India team is hard working, knowledgeable, and timely. I have had many instances where I have asked for help with something, or something needed to be done and it was turned around the next day. This type of efficiency on the part of the India team allows me and my team to be more efficient for our partners and vendors, because the India team frees up work from us and allows us to focus on other things.
Braian Keller
Treasurer, Boxer Property

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