Our Operations Department is concerned with maximizing efficiency within your organization through strategically planning, organizing, and overseeing your processes. By doing so, we can balance revenue and costs, and help you achieve the highest possible operating profit.


  1. Acquisitions Team Overview:
    The Acquisitions India Team helps Acquisitions at Boxer Property underwrite deals, maintain the DBMS system, and assist with Acquisitions and Legal.

  2. APM (Assistant Property Managers):
    We collaborate closely with Boxer Property managers to ensure seamless property operations and enhance tenant experiences.

  3. Leasing:
    Our India Leasing Team reviews leases, prepares suites, manages prospect leads, and settles master lease summaries for efficient accounting.

  4. Legal Department:
    We oversee lease review and legal document drafting, ensuring compliance with laws. Additionally, we review contracts and provide legal advice.

  5. Marketing:
    Our analysts leverage data to enhance company marketing strategies, aiding informed decision-making and capturing new audiences and customers.

  6. Operations Analyst:
    We handle Cases, Quest, Entities, and Cast Configuration tasks. We also execute Standards Processes, create task-specific standards uploaded onto the portal, and regularly share updates and reports.

  7. Quality Assurance and Data Governance:
    QA helps gauge performance against company standards, pinpointing room for opportunity and growth. Data Governance ensures data quality and accuracy.

  8. Revenue Management – Retail Team:
    Boxer Property’s Revenue Management team oversees the review, analysis, and formulation of revenue strategies for hotels and golf clubs. We forecast property prices, audit property allocations, maintain rent payment reports, and more.

  9. Utility Team:
    Boxer Property’s Utility Team processes and maintains electric, water, and gas bills for all properties. We also facilitate Utility Transfers for acquisitions, conduct BEST Audits, and manage Utility Master Service Agreements.

Guaranteed Results:

Our Operations Department assures tangible outcomes that help you achieve the highest possible operating profit.

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Key Elements of Operations

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Efficient Business

Our team maximizes output with minimal resources and time.


We rely on effective systems that help your team produce quality work and avoid employee burnout caused by constant micromanagement from supervisors.

Timeliness in Delivery

Our experts set expectations and assist in the timely fulfillment of your needs. We manage production rhythms and manufacturing timelines.

What clients say
"The services that Stemmons Business Services provides have been paramount to the efficiency and continued success of our organization. From IT services to accounting and property administration, Stemmons has been able to assist us with all aspects of our commercial real estate needs. The team members we have worked with are very punctual, professional, and work diligently to complete any task assigned. I highly recommend Stemmons Business Services to any organization!"
Mary Eberly
Regional Property Manager Supervisor, Boxer Property

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