With a portfolio that spans diverse sectors, including office and commercial spaces, hotels, and resorts, ultimately reaching international markets, our passionate architecture team is committed to crafting the ideal ambiance for your business through inventive design.

We take pride in our expertise in space planning, construction documenting, execution drawing, and providing accurate estimates to clients. Demonstrating meticulous attention to detail while maintaining a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics is essential to building the future of your organization.

With a persistent desire to experiment and pursue perfection, our architecture department focuses on an intense research methodology and task execution, synergizing between internal and external units within the company to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Guaranteed Results:

Our architects will build the future of your organization with cutting-edge technology: MS Visio, Stack-Takeoff and Estimating, AutoCAD, Photoshop, 3D rendering, and more.

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Foresight, Collaboration, and Experience

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Modern Technology

Integrating your systems and a clear understanding of processes are essential. We use innovative tools to give you foresight now to avoid complex issues later.

A Brilliant Team

Our architects are available through various collaboration tools, offering you the ability to touch base with open-minded, eager-to-help experts around the world.

Rich Experience

Our comprehensive approach to design has given us the ability to service various markets and cities. We know what works, and where, why, and how it will work.

What clients say
"Sumit and the Stemmons Team have been tremendously helpful in many areas for me, for the past 7 years since taking over as Planning and Constriction Department Director. They have provided us Construction Documents for all these years, which we utilize for permitting and construction, they have helped with price estimates, and many more various tasks as they come up. They truly have become an integral part of our team and we are blessed to have their support."
Sean Lingenfelter
Director, Planning and Construction
"In the last five months in particular, I’ve worked regularly with various members of the satellite team in India. It’s been a pleasure engaging on how best to resolve dilemmas peculiar to Boxer spaces and their requirements😊. Interacting with the team members, who are always ready to jump into a project at any stage and integrate as seamlessly as possible, is a real benefit. Best of all is tag-teaming overnight, learning a lot from Sumit and Shreya and developing a rapport that goes beyond problem-solving. Thank you, Team!"
Evarista Oamen
Space Planner/Designer, Space Planning
“Stemmons has been a huge help to me. They are always accessible and willing to help any way they can. I can always count on them to complete a task or provide information in a very timely manner. Such an honor to be working with a reliable group of professionals from our Stemmons team!”
Cleon Davison
Space Planner, Space Planning and Design

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