Tim Naizer

I have worked with Stemmons since their inception in 2011, and the team supporting Boxer’s accounting group has grown from just 2 people to remarkably, over 90 today.  Throughout this time, they have also assisted in numerous special projects, where they have been able to quickly and accurately complete project objectives within pre-set timelines.

Valerie Cloke

I have had the pleasure of working with the Stemmons HR Team for almost a year now. The team is extremely competent and focused on getting tasks completed correctly and in a timely manner. No task is too small or unimportant – everything receives the same level of dedication.

William Daugherty

William E Daugherty

For over a decade, my experience with the Stemmons India team has been nothing short of transformative. Having collaborated with them for 13 years, I’ve witnessed firsthand their profound impact on our business. Their approach to problem-solving is exemplary; they don’t just address issues as they arise but take the lead in resolving them with efficiency and expertise.

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