Alex Kakhnovets

My experience with the Stemmons India team has been a game-changer for the leasing department. We generate over 300 leases per month from properties across the country and each lease requires various lease administration tasks that are expertly performed by the Stemmons team.

Andy Hilditch

As marketing department’s face increasing scrutiny on budgets and their returns on marketing investment, the need for accurate and regular analysis is critical.  Stemmons continuously delivers reports, analysis and insight that drives decision making and ensures that marketing activity is fit for purpose.

Ashwin Thakkar

I am delighted to express my utmost satisfaction with the exceptional service provided by Stemmons Business Services Pvt. Ltd. Our organization extensively utilizes their diverse range of resources, including accounting, IT, architectural services, and data analytics, among others.

John Rentz

Working with the Stemmons team in India has been an exceptional experience. Their dedication, professionalism, and commitment to excellence have truly impressed me. Despite geographical distances, communication is seamless, and they consistently deliver quality results within deadlines.

Marc Vecchio

Marc Vecchio

I’ve been working with the Stemmons team since I joined Boxer ten years ago. I can’t imagine a working world without my colleagues at Stemmons. Their ability to either directly handle or assist with the enterprise’s workload is critical to our success.

Scott Heikkila

Scott Heikkila

We’ve been working with Stemmons Services for nine years now.  We interact fluidly as a cohesive team, starting with a daily scrum and including multiple interactions throughout day as conduct our business.  From start to finish, their team demonstrates professionalism, efficiency, and a genuine desire to meet our needs.